Upscale Garage Sale Store

Our Collection

Our inventory typically features teak and mahogany fine furniture in various styles – elegant French, Victorian, Edwardian, Danish Modern, Art Deco, collections of glass, crystal chandeliers, lamps and light fixtures, sterling silver and silver plate, artwork as well as paintings and hand-carved wooden ducks.

We sell unique items, and our collection is changing daily. Thus, we cannot promise that the items you see in the photos below will still be available when you visit our store. If you are interested in any of the items displayed, please phone Upscale Garage Sale store at 604–733–0787 or Email: Upscale Garage Sale/Upscale Resale.

Upscale Garage Store: Dinner Set with Pheasants
Upscale Garage Store: oil painting and chair
Upscale Garage Sale: Dinner table and set
Upscale Garage Sale: Crystal chandelier
Upscale Garage Sale: Dinner Set
Upscale Garage Sale: Display


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