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Wish List

Please compose a Wish List email as specified below. Describe items you are looking for so we can help you find them. Often, people ask for an item we don’t have at that moment and as soon as they leave the store, the item is brought to us to sell. If we know what you want and how to contact you, we’ll call or email you right away.

1. Indicate your Wish. Please be specific, for example: 4 dining chairs. If you have more than one Wish, enter them in the form separately.

2. Please describe your Wish, providing as many details as possible (up to 5 lines). The more specific you are, the more chances we’ll find your desired item for you.

3. Please provide us with a deadline date. For example, August 31, 2009.
We will have your Wish on file for the period of six (6) months. Should we have your desired item, you will be contacted directly. 

4. Provide your contact information:your name and phone, valid email address.

5. Write the following subject line: Wish List, the item(s) your are looking for, for example, desk lamp.

6. Send your email to Upscale Garage Sale/Upscale Resale.

Thank You!

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